Ehra Madrigal Has A "Suck Mark" the Size Of The Universe

Also sent to me by "Buddy Love," these photos you see here is Ehra Madrigal with some kind of purpura (bruise) that is sooo small, you can't even goddamn see it!

Alright, poor girl. "Buddy Love" didn't say anything about how Ehra got this nasty bruise, so Buddy, if you know, you can share it in the comments. Of course, who wouldn't be happy to "massage" it until it's gone, eh?

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Gwen Garci's Labia Majora Says "Hi, Folks!"

Thanks to "Buddy Love" for sending these Gwen Garci cameltoe photos. Now, the rest of humanity can retreat to their respective bathrooms.

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Even Kim Yun-jin's Nipple Wants Some Freedom

Lost star Kim Yun-jin was just having some fun at the 2007 Blue Dragon Awards when Bam! Her nipple decided to leap into action, take advantage of the moment, and try to break free from the lady's oppressive gown. If only that nipple spoke to me, I'd have given them all the liberation they fucking want.

And as they say, if you can't see it, you just have to click it!

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Wake Up To The Sight Of Breathtaking Views, Gorgeous Scenery, And Sofie Garrucho's Ass

"Stan Lee" sent me these wonderful Sofie Garrucho ass pictures. For some reason, looking at them is making me hungry.

Thanks a million, "Stan Lee".

Above: Sofie: "I can't unleash my nipples! They eat people!"

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Nicole Hernandez Tries To Seduce People With The Sexy Outlines Of Her Ribcage

I'm not complaining. Of course, Nicole "Carla Grasa" Hernandez is right there among the shining stars of a galaxy called Gawk, but the above sight of how her skeletal system works somehow takes away the "hard" from the Biblical word, "hard-on." Or is it her way of giving you a "boner"?

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Everybody Can Have A Sniff At BoA's Vagina

This here you see is Korean superstar BoA wowing the crowd with the deeply inspirational sight of her lace-covered mons pubis. Which is my little way of saying, "oh, that was some nice pussy!"

The panties-flashing pop diva did this heart-stopping, wank-a-thon-inducing granny panties-related act in front of about four thousand people during the Anycall Anyband concert on Nov. 27. Don't you just wish you were there, too.

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Precious Adona's Precious Bikini Pictures

Precious Adona bikini pictures. What else?

This else.

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Kim Tae-hee in 'Elle' December 2007

Hey, folks! It's that wonderful day again when I'm posting Kim Tae-hee's lovely mug all over this blog. These here photos are scans from the December issue of Elle Korea. And hey, don't stop here, go all the way!

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Tila Tequila At Playboy Central

Tila Tequila (Tila Nguyenh) singin' and dancin' and showin' her fans some hot damn love at a Playgirl show.

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Vanessa Minnillo: More Bikini Pictures To Choke On

There's no end to these Vanessa Minnillo bikini pictures, it seems. But I'm sure somebody's already wishing the girl takes it to a higher level. And by "higher" I mean butt naked.

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Marian Rivera Invents The "Marianettes"

I was just informed that there's a new class of people called the "Marianettes", and they say they come in great hordes. You usually see them camping out wherever Marian Rivera's shooting her Marimar soap. Look at the above photo, Marian says "love you all." There's no "I", so she's just snapping a rubber band on your balls, people.

Anyway. The photos below are screencaps, courtesy of an email sender who uncannily is also named "Marian Rivera" (let me guess... fan girl!), and these came from the TV commercial of that cosmetic product where the art director merely told Marian: "just act stupid, okay? and say stupid things like, 'I like!' That distracts consumers so much they forget you won't actually ever, ever use our products because you're already so fucking hot, baby... And you, too, Kristine."

Hey, killer bod!

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Maggie Wilson In China

For those who are not aware of it, Maggie Wilson, also called Margaret Nales Wilson by the folks who have raised her, is the Philippines' bet in the current Miss World thing in China. And while in China, what better thing to do for Maggie but...

For a little context, and for you to get to know her better, here are some blocks of text I've lifted off the wonderful wikipedias.

Margaret "Maggie" Nales Wilson (born November 30, 1989 in the Philippines but raised in Saudi Arabia) is a British-Filipino model-actress from Bacolod City and was crowned Binibining Pilipinas-World at the 43rd Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant held at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on March 3, 2007.

Wilson is an aspiring actress and is part of the GMA-7 series Asian Treasures, and was also seen in Encantadia. Her other interests include art, history and rock music. She said she hopes to make her mark in the Asian modeling scene, before eventually trying her luck in Europe.

Wilson is said to be one of the more popular candidates in this year's Miss World. If she does win, it will be the first Miss World crown for the Far East.

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Riyo Mori Casually Showing Off Her Killer Cleavage And Armpits

Miss Universe Riyo Mori, selling her wares. The only thing missing here is cameltoe.

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Miss China 2000 Lydia Tsao?

Someone who insists on remaining anonymous sent me these supposedly topless photos of Miss China 2000 Lydia Tsao. Now there are some things I'm not sure about here. First, I don't know if there was really a Lydia Tsao, and if she really was a former Miss China. But one thing I do know: these photos are hot.

So thanks, anonymous dude.

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