The Most Important Flesh Asia Daily Blog Post Ever

This is probably the very last blog post I'm writing on Flesh Asia Daily.

You know why?

Because I'm moving on. And by "moving on," I mean I've made my own kingdom of my motherfucking shit. And by that, I mean I'm leaving Blogger -- so Flesh Asia Daily is actually now officially and quite awesomely Flesh Asia Daily -- in its own domain, running on Wordpress. Ain't it cool?

Well, I'll miss Blogger and their occasional email demanding me to prove I'm actually human -- for some reason, this blog often appears in their spam blog radar. I'll miss blogger and the fact that I didn't have to worry about bandwidth, CPU server usage, and some little inconvenience like actually having to pay for a web host.

But the thing is, I've decided to really make the move to Wordpress because more and more, Blogger has made me realize I was at their fucking mercy -- not to be an ungrateful bitch or something (this blog has been kindly under Blogger's good graces since April, anyway, and for that, muchos thankos to Sergey Brin and Larry Page), but what if one day Blogger just decided to pull the plug on Flesh Asia Daily -- that would suck, ain't it? So moving on my own little domain is probably not only smart, it's also something I should kiss my own ass for.

So friends, to everybody who has been submitting images, stealing photos from other websites just to share them here, you all know who you are (can't mention names because there are too many), thanks a lot. We now have a new, fun playground, so keep the submissions coming to the all-new, completely awesome Flesh Asia Daily 2.0.

And don't forget to re-subscribe to the feed (the feed from this Blogspot blog won't be working anymore) so you'll always be updated, every frigging day.

Again, update your bookmarks, email subscriptions, and morning work habits and point them all to the new Flesh Asia Daily URL. It's for all of us, dudes, so don't forget!

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Huge Surprise

Hi, folks! I know you've been wondering about the eerie silence Flesh Asia Daily has been having in the past week or so. But don't worry, I'm working behind the scenes to make your Flesh Asia Daily experience much more fulfilling. So by next week, I'll "reveal" the nice surprise.

So hang on! Watch out! Don't forget! And tell your friends!

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Miss World Zi Lin Zhang Is So Dirty

Reigning Miss World Zi Lin Zhang gets down and dirty in the pictorial of whatever shit this is. And you know what, the more you look at her (especially with the rest of the nice photos below), the more she looks incredibly stunning. So don't forget to click for the large versions.

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Sung Yuri's Pictures In InStyle December 2007

The ever-gorgeous Korean girl Sung Yuri, who looks stunning even without all that darned make-up, appears in this month's issue of InStyle, which is a magazine I never actually buy. But hey, what's the interweb for?

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Jaymee Joaquin Fresh From The Shower

It seems when Jaymee Joaquin isn't busy taking her clothes off, she's busy snapping mouth-watering pictures of herself taking her clothes off. Can't say I'm complaining.

Thanks muchos to "Andrew Caw" for sending these.

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Madonna And Son Ye-jin Wearing The Same Dolce & Gabbana Dress

Okay, I wasn't being accurate about the headline. Actually, Madonna and Son Ye-jin (The Classic, etc.) wore the same cut of that fancy Dolce & Gabbana thing, but obviously those were two different fabrics. And of course, I'd choose Son Ye-jin over Guy Ritchie's bitch (or is it the other way around?) any time.

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Diana Zubiri Is Oh So Wet

Because she's actually underwater.

Thanks to "Romano Dex" for these Diana Zubiri pictures. Would have been a lot nicer if somebody ripped away that thing she's wearing.

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Apreal Tolentino's Cameltoe

"Dancing diva" from the Philippines, Apreal Tolentino, subtly flashing her cameltoe in the bikini picture above. I haven't seen her for a while, though. Anyone out there who knows what the hell happened with her and why someone with an awesome face and amazing bod isn't getting the exposure she deserves?

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Jaymee Joaquin Carefully Shows Only The Curves That Work

"Pandoy" steals for us again, as he says these sexy Jaymee Joaquin pictures from FHM Philippines represent the latest shots of the girl you usually see around 2 AM on Philippine TV doing that prepaid mobile phone thing.

Thanks "Pandoy!" And for everybody else who has emailed and whose contributions have yet to be posted, please watch out and they'll be up soon. For the meantime, enjoy, dudes!

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Ehra Madrigal's Tanduay Calendar Picture

Before I forget, here's Ehra Madrigal's (probably heavily photoshopped) Tanduay Calendar emailed by "Buddy Love."

Thanks, "Buddy Love."

Click to enlarge.

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