Flesh Asia Daily "Server Not Found"?

If you've been searching for "Flesh Asia Daily" on Google and continue finding "Server Not Found error pages, it's because FAD has moved to its new home.

TEMPORARILY, go to www.fleshasiadaily3.blogspot.com.

FAD will stay in that URL for about a week until all technical issues with the domain have been resolved.

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Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal Torrent Download

To satisfy the insatiable pervy voyeur just sitting underneath your rough macho-man exterior, I’ve taken the liberty to upload Hayden Kho’s awesome cinematic stylings on torrent, involving unwitting women, so that people shall never forget how awesome he is and how, generations in the future, people will go online, find the videos, and nod their heads sagaciously over Hayden’s classic awesomeness. Kids will still want to grow up just like him in 2050! And beyond!

If you don’t know how to use or download torrent files, here’s a quick barebones ninja instructions:

1. Download the Hayden-gate torrent file. It’s only a few kilobytes. After downloading, look at the file. Stare at it for ten minutes while pointing your finger at the monitor and shaking your head and muttering, “I luuuuv ten-peso meals!”

Download links:

link 1.

mirror 1.

mirror 2.

2. Download a torrent client software (this is what you use to actually download the files contained in a torrent file). OK, I suggest get uTorrent.

3. Install utorrent. Run it. Click “File,” then “Add a torrent,” choose the hayden-gate torrent you’ve previously downloaded. Then it should start downloading. After you’ve downloaded all the files, continue seeding it for the next century till everybody’s gotten a copy. Think of the kidz!

4. Buy a cat and stroke it.

That’s it! Easy! Convenient! Like magic!

Remember: seed it, people!

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Ira Eigenmann's Nude Pics

Ira Eigenmann's nude pics scandal.

Just so you know.

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